Saturday, February 26, 2011

My WarCraft Main - A story in pictures

One of the great ideas I've had has been to take screenshots of my World of Warcraft characters so that I can see them change over time

Here's a timeline of my Main - Illdrinn the Rogue

Level 62 - Rocking the hideous coloured Outland gear

Level 72 - In Northrend questing gear with Ankhanet weapons

Level 80 with Gearscore 3981 - Lots of Tier 9 gear

Level 82 - Cataclysm questing gear and Orgrimmar tabard

Level 85 with Gearscore 7847 - No new Justice Point items but good matching Cataclysm Blues, weapons are from Tol'Vir, tabard is for Bilgewater Cartel

Level 85 Gearscore 8765 iLvl 342 - Some Justice Point gear, Firelands cloak and craftables

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tranter Wedding

Leon has always been one of those memorable but slightly quirky folk who's always been emotionally turbulent so to see him so happy and settled has been a marvelous thing. Recently he decided to make it permanent and proposed to his partner Nicole.

The wedding was a wonderful mix of friends and family from throughout their lives, held at the Australian Museum near Hyde Park in Sydney. This was easily one of the best wedding venues I've ever been to and was really special. Setting, views, food and uniqueness were all perfect. On top of this Leon and Nicole managed to get married on the hottest day on record for Sydney weather so the air conditioned comfort was more than welcome!

I love a good excuse for fancy wrapping paper, a friend of mine referred to my wrapping as "OCD in action" but I think it looks pretty.

Attempting a vintage classy goth look, thankfully they let us wear black to the wedding!

I'd have been disappointed if it were white roses!

Toast and Chops give me the crazy eyes (lucky I love them so!)

Blunt fringes and thin eyebrows are in this season... well with goth girls they're in every season lets face it.

The view was beautiful

Post ceremony drinks in the skeleton room were amazing and memorable.

The bride looked radiant.

Leon's taste in music was mentioned a good 5 times in the speeches leading to this conversation a few times

"So how do you know Leon"
"Oh you know, music things"
"Oh.... right..."

But I had the company of like minded fellows, so we spent a fair chunk of the reception talking about WGT and the Kinetik line up for the year.

Being swing dancers you had to know the first dance was going to be special!

This I think sums it all up though; Nicole handing Leon a sword to cut the croque en bouche. Perfect.

New Years Eve at Google Sydney

One of the great things about having an office on the water in Sydney is being able to get up close to the action for New Years Eve.

In Sydney any piece of land with a decent view of the fireworks is worth a positive mint on New Years, more so if you can actually enjoy it with friends and a drink. When the company offered up our cafeteria for celebrations then I was in like a shot and truth be told it was a great night.

New Year's for me is traditionally shakey, I don't like big crowds or being disappointed and so the best nights have been where I've stayed in one place with good friends. Catching the light rail to the office meant low stress, seats all the way and no hassle.

The view before sundown of the bridge

The view of the city lights

Some of the early fireworks

The bridge lighting up

I love the outline of the buildings on the fireworks

Friday, February 4, 2011

New year, new blogging platform

I'm in the midst of rearranging all of my online life into more centralised manageable chunks, and part of that is moving my blogs out of Livejournal.

I was one of the highest advocates of Livejournal for years, but after being sold, losing Brad Fitzpatrick and essentially becoming Russia's internet dumping ground I figured it was time to leave.

These days I spend a lot of time on Twitter, and my personal blog is no longer the stream of consciousness it was when I was younger... that's what Twitter and Facebook are for now.

Expect longer more content focussed posts less regularly on the new version of Tales of Geek and Scene. I am still in the process of manipulating the LJ to Blogger conversion tools so that I can export an archive of my old Livejournal, as I document the process you can find it on my Cyber Goth Geek Chick blog.