Saturday, July 9, 2011

My secondary WarCraft Alt

So today I hit level 85 on my second toon Illdriesta, so here's a little review in pictures.

She's a Destruction Warlock, though I've recently been trying out Affliction I think my heart will always belong to Destro.

Illdriesta at Level 14

Level 41 - Gosh I loved those Black Velvet Robes

Level 51 and all colour co-ordinated, the Whitemanes Chapeau was with me for a long time

Level 55 - These robes started off great, but when I couldn't replace them for 10 levels I learnt to hate them. Also the Guild tabard stopped matching my gear :o(

Level 70 and you can see here that the Blizzard Crew took some feedback about making gear sets match after WotLK

Level 77 and the gear looks just like a recoloured version of my Level 70 gear

Level 81 and I'm in guild provided craftables with questing accessories.

Level 83 - item level 303 which is mostly a Deathsilk Tailoring set, looking again like a dark version of the Level 81 gear. Note me cycling through tabards for Reputation.

And finally just after Level 85 (iLvl 326) everything changes! Intellect weapons replacing staves, Shadowflame Robes with mostly Fireweave accessories and a Ramkahen tabard.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2011: Half over but packed full!

So I feel like I've been on the run all of 2011, but it's not necessarily a bad thing, it's just time to pause. The year is half over but I feel like I've gotten many things done.

So far this year I've ...

Been instrumental in Google Sydney sponsoring Mardi Gras

Helped host a Girl Geek Dinner

Graduated from my Masters

Toured Grendel and Nachtmahr

Gone to Canada for 2 weeks

Gone to New York for a week

Went to Tasmania to visit Jen

Seen about 30 Industrial bands at the Kinetik festival

Eaten about 15 brunches with The Breakfast Club and Chops' best friends

Enjoyed having a car again

Been in love and actually happy for entire months at a time
Life could definitely be worse!

Level up!

Recently I received my Masters in Commercial Software Engineering Management.

In 2012 I'm planning to go back for my Masters in IT, but I needed a little time off to rest and recuperate.