Tuesday, September 20, 2011

If this is Night City where's my heads up display?

When I was a younger thing obsessed with roleplaying all I ever wanted to do was live life in a dark techno future as a bright young corper in a Cyberpunk world...

I don't like to disappoint myself.

So ironic as it is I bought Nat an eReader for his birthday, spending my megacorp Asia bucks on digital devices so that we could read Cyberpunk novels.

We kicked off his birthday weekend with A Scanner Darkly, Strange Days and The Matrix. We've continued this week with Sneakers and the Bridge series by Gibson.

Hey... at least we thought of wireless in the real cyberpunk future.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My first tattoos

So tonight I got my first tattoos, a big deal in an alt girl's life!

So to answer the first and obvious question: Yes it hurt a bit, but no more than any number of other stupid things I've done to myself in the name of BDSM. My blood pressure dropped a bit and I had a few moments of heavy breathing and cold sweats but then the adrenaline kicked in and I perked up again. Sadly while the endorphins are there they don't rush like piercings, not the sort of thing you'd do for fun tiems.

The next question: Why wait till I'm 30, I have any number of piercings and am hardly afraid of looking weird. Well... Firstly tattoos are permanent, piercings are not and I had to be sure I knew what I wanted. I gave myself a policy that I had to want something for 2 years before I got it. When I decided on these a few years back, and stuck with it a barrage of people offered to buy me my tattoos for my birthday and failed 4 years in a row. Chops however is far more reliable than most ... and so here we are!

On the topic of you being an idiot and tattoos being permanent here's a PSA from Red Vs Blue:

Because I know you want to see it: here they are!

So what are they and why?

On the left hand wrist is the Lauburu or "Basque Cross" it's a symbol of the culture of my matriarchal family. Not a Christian cross it represents the 4 parts of man "spirit, life, consciousness, and form" and in the direction given is a symbol of prosperity and good luck. I wore one for most of my adult life around my neck and wanted it on myself permanently.

On the right hand wrist is the Mitsudomoe or 3 pointed Tomoe it's a symbol of my favourite culture Japan and represents the 3 parts of Shinto "Man, Earth, and Sky". It is commonly used in Japanese heraldic kamon.

To me this represents where I come from and where I choose to be, reflecting two cultures views of man and conveniently they're stylistically similar!

One last question: I had them done at Mischief Moon in Darlinghurst, recommended by a number of friends who'd had work done there. I had mine done by Gareth and was very happy with his treatment of the artwork and the advice he gave including discussing longevity, health and so on. A++ would buy again.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Drinking with Dinosaurs

When you're a nerd like me museums are like the best thing ever. There's dinosaurs and robots and buttons you can push, it's heaven.

In a stroke of genius the Australian Museum has started Jurassic Lounge, a combined nightclub and performance space during the winter months. Ciders, documentaries about robots, burlesque and Dinosaurs... Jurassic lounge has it all.

I've never seen the museum so packed, it's a marvellous idea and unsurprisingly filled with nerds and social media folk that I know pottering around in small groups laughing and drinking.

One of the great sections they have is one of those "show and tell" areas that were always a hit when I was a kid. They have lizards and insects and stuffed animals to play with and plenty of museum staff to talk to you about it. I am a little surprised they let people near live animals after drinking though :P

Of course there's all the fun of the normal exhibits and the joy of the heritage building and beautiful surrounds. A++ would buy again.

Of course featured heavily in these pictures is my friend Nat who deserves a mention. You know those people you meet in your life that you just click with? This happened when I met Dustan, Curley and Vicki... Instant bonds that are strong and deep. The fact that I'm a narcissist and Nat and I share a personality, a hair style (and way too many allergies and skin conditions) my overbearing nature and his submissive squeefulness makes it the perfect nerd friendship.

<3 you little one, here's to many years of friendship.